Frequently Asked Questions

+Why should I buy a home in Victory Projects?

There is no other Real Estate developer in this area who has the capacity to fulfill the honour of commitment for the timely delivery. This is the only Real Estate Company, in this area, whose promoters have themselves been the top qualified and specially recognised professionals from this very own industry.

+Why should I invest in property?

A home is an investment. It pays as the time passes. On the other hand, the money you pay in monthly rent is gone forever. A home of your own is your asset. Moreover, the value of your home may shoot up over the coming year.

+Should I use a real estate broker to hit a deal with you?

It is up to you, may be sometimes we can’t reach you but the broker can. making a deal with us is not a complex game. Our website provides all details regarding home buying, especially the financial ones. But we assume that when you came to us either directly or through broker, we do not make any false promises. We would be happy in losing a customer rather than having unsatisfied customers.

+What is property tax?

Property tax is determined by the value of the property. The term used for it is ‘ad valorem’. The property tax changes when there is a change in the value of the property. Sometimes, property taxes are also calculatedusing non-ad valorem assessment methods. It can be a fixed amount for every acre, lot or housing unit.

+How much money should I come up with to purchase a house?

It depends on your choice. You may make lump sum payment or choose to pay in easy installments. We can also arrange a loans facility for you at easy rate of interest.

+How much loan can a person get?

A person can get Home Loan of up to 80% of the Total Consideration Value, or, eligibility of the applicant whichever is lower.

+Can I have co-ownership in the property?

Yes. More than one person can be the owner of a particular property. For example, your wife, son/daughter, father/mother can be a co-owner. For accurate information you can contact bank and financial institutions for permissible ownership grid.

+Who can be a co-applicant for the loan?

A spouse can be a co-applicant in a home loan. The advantage of such a procedure is that it can enhance the loan amount. Besides, both the applicants receive tax benefits. If other co-owners of the property exists, they also need to be the co-applicant of the loan.

+What tax benefits do I enjoy?

Tax benefits are available as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. It’s based on the principal and interest components of a loan. The benefits can vary from year to year as per the policy of the government.

+How should I contact Victory Infra projects?

You may contact us using telephone numbers provided on our website, or leave a message via e-mail. We provide you with required information immediately.

+Who is liable to pay the stamp duty: the buyer or the seller?

According to the government rules and regulations, the liability of paying the stamp duty is that of the purchaser.

+Can non-resident Indians (NRIs) get loans for buying an apartment?

Yes, Reserve Bank of India has granted general permission to some financial institutions to offer housing loans to NRIs for purchasing houses/apartments for self-occupation subject to certain terms and conditions.