Chairman’s Message


Pramod Goel
(Chairman & Managing Director)

Warm Greetings from Victory Projects.

“For the last 20 years, customers have entrusted us with their precious dreams. It’s a responsibility that we have carried out with undeterred focus, integrity, passion and with the highest standards of quality. Our attention to detail has helped us to carve a unique Victory style over the years. Our journey started with a commitment in Finance and Stock Market, later focused into residential projects and diversified along the way to office space, retail, hospitality and social infrastructure projects which enhanced the attractiveness of our projects.
We trust that our people’s knowledge, talent and dedication are our most valuable assets and vital to what we have accomplished so far. Our processes exemplify our best attributes every day, including an unwavering commitment to clients, fellow employees, local communities and the environment. Our penchant for going into details and achieving perfection in all that we do has resulted in the creation of superior quality products. We believe that our fabulous products, supported by timely delivery and exemplary customer relationship management will aid in our continuous and sustained growth.
As a company, we have always tried to innovate and do different things and sometimes even do regular things differently. These key factors have helped us create a niche for ourselves and command a premium for our developments.